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Vianden Express

The Vianden Express will take you along the main sights of the medieval town of Vianden. Take advantage of the touristic train to reach Vianden Castle, one of the most important historical monuments in Europe.


The medieval town of Vianden always fascinates with its charm and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

On the one hand, visitors are treated to the great classics: the medieval castle, a national treasure and symbol of the beautiful feudal mansions of the Roman and Gothic periods, considered one of the most important historical monuments in Europe, and the Victor Hugo House, where the writer stayed in political exile in 1871.

But the chairlift is also a popular attraction of the small town. It is the only chairlift in Luxembourg that takes you from the valley, located at 220 meters, to an altitude of 440 meters and also offers an ideal viewpoint with a panoramic view of the entire city. The Vianden Express stops here so you can benefit from this experience. The chairlift is open from April to October between 10:00 and 17:00.

From the chairlift, we continue through the medieval alleys along the fortress walls until we finally reach Vianden Castle. With almost 200,000 visitors a year, Vianden Castle is still the most visited historical building in the Grand Duchy. It was built from the 11th to the 14th century on the foundations of a Roman fort and a Carolingian refuge.

Here you can get off to visit the castle. People spend an average of +/- 2 hours here

With your Vianden Express ticket you can also benefit from the return trip. The train runs every hour and takes you from the castle back to the station..




Location information

The main departure point is Vianden Gare/station. However, you can get off at our stops and then board the next Vianden Express after your visit.

Other information

  • Main departure point: Vianden Bus Station.

  • Please bring your own mask (Covid19). It's mandatory to wear a mask during your ride with the Vianden Express.

Included in the offer

  • Trip with the Vianden Express

Not included in the offer

  • Admissions (to visit the castle, chairlift, etc.)


from 6.00€


New attraction in Vianden from July 2021 !
Stop at the chairlift
Visit the Victor Hugo Museum
Drive along the ancient ramparts of the fortress




50 minute(s)

Number of participants

max. 45 people

Languages offered

German, English


Teuere Rundfahrt durch Vianden / Touristenfalle

Overall rating


Fun factor

In Anbetracht, dass öffentliche Verkehrsmittel in Luxemburg kostenfrei sind, ist der Vianden Express eine teuere Rundfahrt. Keinerlei Erklärungen, kein Anschauungsmaterial, einfach mal gar nichts bekommt der Kunde. Man wird lediglich von A nach B transportiert. Alles in allem nicht anzuraten.

Geert van Beusekom - 2021-09-14 01:45:38

Nice ride

Overall rating


Fun factor

It was a nice ride, we liked that we didn't have to walk up to chateau Vianden. But it was a short ride... In my opinion de ride could be longer en we also missed being informed about de city of Vianden, thru headphones or a speaker for example. We did a same ride in Luxembourg city 2 years ago and we had that back then.

fam. Withaar - 2021-08-23 11:06:47

Long waiting

Overall rating


Fun factor

We are waiting for 1 hour and 45 minutes by vianden castle to get on the train. The train must come on 14.25 and it came on 15.25. I think the driver was heaving a break.....?? So bad to let people waiting for so long!!!

Jochem Reulink - 2021-08-10 14:24:38

Not worth the money

Overall rating


Fun factor

The driver was cranky, the drive was super short and for that matter also very expensive. The kids had fun though. Overall I would not recommend

Inge van den Berg - 2021-08-03 06:29:53

Bumpy ride

Overall rating


Fun factor

The train is unbelievably slow, and even more bumpy. By the time we have reached the top of Vianden we were feeling nauseous and over it. We walked down and ended up being way faster than the train. For the record there is no guided tour on the train, not even the names of the places are being called out. It’s a long silent journey up the cobble stones

Sara - 2021-07-22 17:15:40

B.P. 12
L-9401 Vianden
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

T.  +352 26 95 05 66 

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