Nadia Schreiner Painting Journeys Ausstellung Diekirch 2021

Nadia Schreiner Painting Journeys Ausstellung Diekirch 2021

From Saturday 03 April 2021 To Sunday 02 May 2021 DIEKIRCH



Solo exhibition by Nadia Schreiner in Diekirch, LUXEMBOURG

Maison de la Culture Diekirch, 13 rue du curé,

9217 DIEKIRCH, Luxembourg

Opening: 03 April 2021

The exhibition will definitely take place! (Despite Corona...) ;-)

Every day from 10:00-18:00. Closed on Mondays.

Nadia Schreiner’s art allows the viewer to go on a journey, a long tour stretching the globe. The impressions and experiences the artist gains during her travels are mirrored in her opulent compositions. Her paintings typically display an array of luminous colours, powerful symbols and general joie de vivre; refined with extraordinary incorporations of decorative highlights, collected from all over the world. Thus, her Japanese collection exhibits high-quality paper ornaments called Washi (traditional Japanese paper), local pigments and gold foil, giving it its unique and authentic style. All her paintings are minutely executed and showcase Nadia’s dedication to her art. Her keen eye for detail defines and dominates her compositions often inspiring wonder and admiration within the beholder.

Painting Journeys represents cosmopolitanism, optimism and undoubtedly adds colour to the dullness of everyday life.

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13 rue du curé | L-9217 DIEKIRCH

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