From Thursday 19 August 2021 To Sunday 22 August 2021 10:00 ASSELBORN



This juried Glass Symposium and Exhibition is open to all glass artists without geographic restrictions.

We also invite students to participate. They represent the many in house styles and cultural differences from their schools and academies creating the possibility of learning about glass art and design from a global point of view. This also will flow into the workshops set up for children and adults.

The project includes working with recycled glass and installing a glass blowing furnace, made of clay as in the Middle Ages, heated with wood. As well distribution an information for students and schools on the different learning opportunities in the glass techniques.

Professional artists and students from around the World are invited to come and give demonstrations in their own specialty. This will include glass blowing, casting, pâte de verre, fusing, slumping, bead making, mosaics, stained glass, tiffany, glass painting, sand blasting, grinding, and carving etc. Artists and students working with glass will have the chance to meet and exchange their experience with other glass artists. Lectures and discussions will be followed by a presentation of artworks of the international glass scene.

The public will have possibility to have the contacts with international glass artists, schools and academies and an exchange of professional knowledge on the different glass techniques. This is the possibility to show the public all kinds of capabilities by using glass and creating visual objects. What is the glass in art and architecture?

Support our desire to enhance the beauty of our profession by spreading the multiple possibilities of our work.


Demonstrations of glass engraving by Alexander Fokin, one of the best masters in deep glass engraving in Russia.

Demonstrations of glass carving by Vladimir Klein, one of the best masters in glass carving in Czech Republic.

Demonstrations of glass blowing by Czech glass artist Jiri Suhajek and glass artist from Germany Torsten Rotzsch, known as some of the most original glassblowers.

 Demonstrations of glass casting mold making by Petr Stacho, specialist and teacher in kiln casting, glass sculpting at Czech Republic.

 Demonstrations of glass blowing using the mobile furnace "Yellow Submarine” built by Dutch glass artist Ed van Dijk, known for his numerous projects of building different kinds of furnaces for glass blowing.

Demonstrations of stained glass creation by Inita Emane, Professor at the Latvian Academy of Fine Arts, Glass Department.

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