Organic farm Toodlermillen


Organic farm Toodlermillen

The most beautiful cow on Earth is without a doubt the Highland Cattle: large, crystal-clear eyes, a wild forehead mane and a gentle and wonderful character – who could not fall for it? That’s how much farmer Armand Kaiser loves his 50 Scottish Highland Cattles. They are in fact very impressive with their long and shaggy fur and their decorative horns, which can grow up to 1,40m long.

They are not only beautiful, but they also own delicious meat. This is ensured through the use of fresh herbs and grasses on the natural meadows during the summer, fragrant hay during the winter and the healthy exercise in the open air.

On the organic farm lead by the Kaiser family in the wild and romantic Upper Sûre valley, you will get to know about the cycle of animal farming which is close to nature and you can taste the farmer’s products in the farm’s very own bistro, for instance an organic Highland burger with house made fries. Whoever does not want to go home, can let himself go in a wonderfully soft hay bed. The scent of fresh hay: who does not remember the summer holidays and childhood dreams?

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