Park Sënnesräich


Park Sënnesräich

“Park Sënnesräich”: For all the senses

Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting: the Park Sënnesräich leisure centre offers its visitors a wide range of activities based on the five senses. Close your eyes as you walk along the Barefoot Path and try to work out what kind of surface you are walking on. In the “Five Senses Room”, children are shown how our senses work, in a fun but realistic way. Visitors of all ages will also enjoy the outdoor area with its large garden, huge AirTramp air-filled cushion, playground and maze. While the children romp around in the garden, their parents or carers can relax on the terrace of the Bistro Sënnesräich, from where they have a clear view of the outdoor area.

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30, Duarrefstrooss | L-9762 Lullange
T : +352 99 47 84 45
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Park Sënnesräich


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  • Free admission to the Hall of the 5 Senses with the LuxembourgCard
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