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National Museum for Historical Vehicles


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National Museum for Historical Vehicles

The conservatory presents the epochs of vehicle construction and related technologies from the early 19th century to the 1970s through regular thematic temporary exhibitions.

Temporary exhibitions
„ALPINE- in competition and on roads“ - 02.11.2021-02.05.2022

The "Conservatoire National de Véhicules Historiques" invites you until May 2nd 2022 to immerse yourself in the history of the sportsmen from France and experience the myth, which focuses on racetracks as well as street-driving machines. With diachronic documents and photos, in the "Garage Jean Wagner" halls you can literally feel the gasoline in the blood, which can be found again in Formula 1 since 2020.

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B.P. 12
L-9401 Vianden
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

T.  +352 26 95 05 66 

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