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NaturWanderPark delux

FASCINATION OF NATURE: NaturWanderPark delux

An exceptional hiking experience awaits you along the Sûre and Our rivers in the NaturWanderPark delux. The NaturWanderPark delux boasts 23 circular trails with a total of 400 kilometres of highly enjoyable hiking possibilities. These widely varying tours take you through the unique cultural and natural landscapes of the Nature Parks Our and Mullerthal (LU) and Southern and Northern Eifel (DE). 
Enjoy the 5 premium trails in the Éislek and marvel at the boundless diversity of the core area of the Nature Park Our, the Ourtal. Listen to the sound of the crystal-clear water in the deep valleys of the Our and learn more about the fascinating habitat of many endangered animal species native to this region, such as the freshwater pearl mussel.
Each of the Nat'Our routes is dedicated to a special theme: curious border stories, enigmatic natural scenes, medieval castles and magnificent panoramas accompany you on these tours.



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