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The Éislek offers ideal conditions to become one of the top hiking regions in Europe. And this is exactly the aim of the LEADER project “Qualitéitswanderregioun Éislek”. The objective is to achieve the Leading Hiking Region label, which is awarded for the first time by the European Ramblers? Association to an outstanding hiking region.

To achieve this aim, a large number of the hiking trails in the Éislek have been modified and made more attractive on the basis of the existing infrastructure. In addition, a new category of circular hiking trails has been added, the 18 so-called Éislek Pied. They fulfil particularly strict quality criteria of the European Ramblers? Association and thus promise the best hiking quality. In addition to the revision of the trails, a main component of the project is the new uniform marking of the 1900 km of hiking trails.

Included in this revision are, of course, the Auto-Pédestres hiking trails. In order to make the hiking offer clearer, the different categories of hiking trails were coordinated with each other so that unnecessary overlaps and multiple markings could be avoided.

Consequently, some currently existing Auto-Pédestres trails will be dismantled and replaced by alternatives. These alternatives can be, for example, the Éislek Pied or local hiking trails.

In addition, there is a new marking sign for the Auto-Pédestres hiking trails, which has been adapted to the uniform format of all marking signs. The starting board of the Auto-Pédestres has also been revised to match. In order to remain coherent with all other hiking trails, the Auto-Pédestres trails are now also marked in two directions.

Download the overview table showing the circuits Auto-Pédestres that will be replaced by an alternative and the press release: 

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