VëloViaNorden - 2nd edition on the weekend of 15 and 16 August 2020

The four tourist municipalities in the north of the country, Kiischpelt, Clervaux, Weiswampach and Troisvierges, have joined forces to support the Ministry of Tourism's "Vëlosummer 2020" bicycle promotion plan.  The "VëloViaNorden" initiative reserves a road section of approximately 30 km for cyclists for the weekend of 1 to 2 August 2020.

As part of the "Vëlosummer 2020" announced by the Ministry of Tourism for the month of August 2020, the municipalities of Kiischpelt, Clervaux, Weiswampach and Troisvierges have set up the "VëloViaNorden" initiative, which reserves a road section of approximately 30 km for cyclists. After the great success of the weekend of 1 and 2 August, the communes are inviting cycling enthusiasts to a 2nd edition to come and discover the Luxembourg Ardennes on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 August.

The north of the Grand Duchy is the perfect destination for a two-wheeled escapade. Take advantage of the 2nd edition of VëloViaNorden and discover the "temporary" cycle path that welcomes cycling enthusiasts, young and old, from Enscherange through the town centre of Clervaux, continuing to Weiswampach, passing by the lake when arriving in Wilwerdange and making the connection with the famous Vennbahn in Huldange. Approximately 30 km of roads will be closed to motorised traffic in the form of the so-called "Route Barrée C2". However, bus and local resident traffic is allowed, which means that cyclists as well as motorists have to respect the Highway Code along the entire length of the route.

This exceptional route undoubtedly presents an additional tourist asset for the beautiful Eislek region. Residents as well as tourists have the possibility to discover the north of Luxembourg by bicycle while taking advantage of the Vennbahn or RAVel network as well as the three circuits "Gënzentour", "Panoramatour" and "Jardins à suivre". Thanks to the connection of the northern tip of the Grand Duchy to the international cycling network, excursions to the cities of Maastricht, Aachen and Saint-Vith will be easily possible.

Stops at the stations of Kautenbach, Wilwerwiltz, Drauffelt, Clervaux and Troisvierges invite visitors to plan their day easily with an easy return trip according to their preferences. Make a stop in the villages, book a table in one of the restaurants along the route in advance and spend a night in the surrounding hotels and campsites. A great opportunity at the same time to take advantage of the accommodation voucher offered by the Ministry of Tourism.

Check the website www.velovianorden.lu for all possible offers, including contacts for bike or ebike rental.

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