When? Wednesday 17.07.202414:00 - 18:00

Expo Zahrée & Piet Veerman

Where? 6, Impasse Léon Roger, L-9410 Vianden Art, Culture & Literature

Expo Zahrée & Piet Veerman

Welcome to the fascinating world of Zahrée and Piet Veerman. This exhibition takes you on a journey through the creative works of two extraordinary artists, whose pieces captivate with their expressiveness and depth.

Zahrée, known for her impressive installations and paintings, combines traditional techniques with modern elements. Her works reflect cultural identities and societal issues, prompting thoughtful reflection.

Piet Veerman, a master of fine arts, manages to make emotions tangible in his sculptures and paintings. His works are characterized by an intense engagement with humanity and nature, inviting viewers to uncover the hidden stories behind the surfaces.

Immerse yourself in the creative world of Zahrée and Piet Veerman and let their art inspire you.

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Address: Veiner Konstgalerie
6, Impasse Léon Roger
L-9410 Vianden
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Expo Zahree & Piet Veerman

Expo Zahree & Piet Veerman
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