When? Wednesday 17.07.202414:00 - 18:00

Expo Zahree & Piet Veerman

Where? 6, Impasse Léon Roger, L-9410 Vianden Art, Culture & Literature

Expo Zahree & Piet Veerman

Visit the impressive exhibition of the talented artists Piet and Zahree Vermann. Immerse yourself in their visionary art, which captivates with its unique combination of tradition and modernity. Be inspired by the powerful colours and profound themes that come to life in each of their works. This exhibition is a must for art lovers and anyone who wants to be inspired by extraordinary creativity!

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Address: Veiner Konstgalerie
6, Impasse Léon Roger
L-9410 Vianden
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Expo Zahrée & Piet Veerman

Expo Zahrée & Piet Veerman
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