How Poles Became White

How Poles Became White

Du lundi 27 juin 2022 au lundi 27 juin 2022 VIANDEN

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How Poles Became White, dir. Tino Buchholz, 2020, 92 min, version PL, subtitles EN, Starring: Jacek Paw?owski, Roma Kwiatkiewicz, Kacper Pob?ocki, Nidal Kalboneh

How Poles Became White takes up Kacper Pob?ocki’s thought-provoking essay on class and race: tracing the roots of what it means to be somebody or nobody in Europe. Drifting East and West, the film tells the story of a generation, Jacek (28), Nidal (27) and Roma (27), who don’t rebel but embrace the conflicts of our time with melancholy & struggle. While Jacek and Roma reach out for social mobility in the Netherlands, Nidal leaves the Middle East to live a self-determined life in Poland. Struggling with identity and migration, all three face the question of who they are and where to belong.

This is my film on melancholy and endless struggles in history, where social and spatial movements impact the intensity of local conflict decisively.

Tino Buchholz


Film How Poles Became White is presented in the frame of 30th conference of the International Network of Urban Research and Action (INURA).

Screening will be followed by discussion with director Tino Buchholz and main protagonist Kacper Pob?ocki.

Free entry, very limited number of space. Please reserve your seat at or Ancien Cinema FB Messenger

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