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Welcome to the last phase of the donkey challenge!

From here you have a perfect view of the symbol of Diekirch: the donkey on the old church's spire – worldwide an unparalleled sight.

We are now passing the former vineyards where in the past – as you've already learned – the donkey actively helped with the hard work. By the way – the so-called “three men's wine” of the Herrenberg apparently didn't taste particularly good. That's why it was called “three men's wine” - you needed three men to consume it: one to drink it, one to hold the drinking man, one to pour it into him. At times it was even forbidden to drink some other town's wine before the Diekirch wine was used up. Luckily Diekirch is a lot more successful with another beverage today.

Our way goes straight on up, where we will cross a street. Here we come upon the only military barracks of Luxembourg.

Diekirch is also a garrison town. In 1955, the grand duke's army that was formed after the Second World War moved into the newly-constructed barracks on the Herrenberg, and is today named after Duke Jean. At present, the Luxembourgian army counts 800 voluntary soldiers

The Herrenberg

The Herrenberg is a place of many fascinating stories. You can listen to one of them now. But don’t forget to take a selfie as proof before the descent!

The Sauer

Up until the beginning of the 20th century, the annual  salmon fishing on the Sauer river was very productive in November, which is why salmon and especially smoked salmon regularly was part of the menu – particularly of the menu of the staff of hotels along the Sauer river. This is why in the job contracts of maids and farmhands there was a clause saying salmon shouldn't be served more than twice a week.

The way back to the historical city center of Diekirch marks the end of the last phase of the donkey challenge! You can pick up your patch on production of your three selfies at the tourist information point.

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Nature adventure park

Here, we take a small side trip into the nature adventure park which provides detailed information on the flora and fauna of this nature reserve. Thank you for contributing to taking care of the environment of Diekirch, especially for keeping the paths clean during the entire challenge.


We are now coming to the “Deiwelselter”, which means “devil's altar”. However, this place doesn't have anything to do with the devil The remarkable stone gate we are looking at today is built on a dolmen which is about as old as 4000 years, according to scientific studies. Even though the “Deiwelselter” still leaves room for mysteries, we know that originally it didn't look the way it does today. It is likely that it once was a tomb, for the remains of two human skeletons dating from different epochs have been found here. The “Deiwelselter” as you see it now was rebuilt from big stone blocks which were laying around here in 1892 and has been a landmark of Diekirch ever since.

That's why this is a perfect spot for a selfie as proof!

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The woodlands of “Seitert”

Take your time to stop for a moment, close your eyes and pay attention to the sounds and odors you can perceive in the forest.

The “Seitert” is probably the favorite forest of most people of Diekirch who like to come here to relax, recover or work out.

When the forest was to be cleared in the 1840s, the people of Diekirch stood up for the preservation of the “Seitert”. Thus, the beech tree population of the year 1840 has been preserved until today and has  even been specifically rejuvenated step by step. Local animals and plants can live here without being disturbed – the town even pays the game tenant an annual compensation so he doesn't hunt here.

Thanks to its fitness trail and many instructive boards the way does not only provide for physical strengthening, but also for learning quite a lot about the coexistence of humans and nature. Maybe you want to try out one or the other exercise on the way. But don't forget to save some energy for the next phase of the donkey challenge...

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