Pixie Pixel Pass Cité de l'Image Clervaux

Pixie Pixel Pass

Where? 11, Grand-Rue, L-9710 Clervaux

Experience contemporary photography in the public space of Clervaux with the Pixie Pixel Pass - a pleasure for young and old!

For families with children: Spontaneous visit to the outdoor exhibitions of contemporary photography in open space of Clervaux – cite de l’image with the Pixie Pixel passport

Who is Pixie Pixel? Out of its pictorial and imaginary world, Pixie Pixel has landed in our reality. Currently she is looking for a new residence - preferably in a photo! She heard that there was a choice in a small town in the north of Luxembourg, notably in Clervaux ...

Passport Pixie Pixel:
Pixie Pixel booklet to complete, available free of charge in English, French or German at the Tourist Info Clervaux.

Polaroid option: Saturday & Sunday only!
Polaroid cameras with 10 pictures can be borrowed free of charge at the Tourist Info Clervaux (deposit required). Group: max. 8 cameras

Opening hours

Free access to the exhibitions in open space all year round

Pixie Pixel Pass Cité de l'Image Clervaux
Pixie Pixel Pass Cité de l'Image Clervaux
Pixie Pixel Pass Cité de l'Image Clervaux
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Address: Cité de l'image a.s.b.l.
11, Grand-Rue
L-9710 Clervaux
Phone:+352 26 90 34 96
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Cité de l'Image Clervaux
Cité de l'Image Clervaux
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