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Cité de l'Image Clervaux

Where? 11, Grand-Rue, L-9706 Clervaux

The Cité de l'Image turns Clervaux into a living open-air gallery, with annually changing exhibitions on walls, in gardens and alleys. The walk to various exhibitions in the town centre takes just under an hour - perfect for experiencing culture up close!

Clervaux – Cité de l’image focuses on contemporary photography exhibited in an outdoor context. The annual and thematic programme turns Clervaux into an outdoor gallery experience. Discover artworks on the walls, throughout the flower gardens and down the maze of streets.

The exhibitions in open space are freely accessible all year round. At the moment, 6 exhibitions in the centre of Clervaux can be visited during a spontaneous tour of about 1 hour.

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  • Visit possible (& visit information)
  • Dogs welcome

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Address: Cité de l'Image a.s.b.l.
11, Grand-Rue
L-9706 Clervaux
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