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Vëlosummer in the Éislek region

Explore Éislek by bike

Vëlosummer 2024 offers a unique opportunity to explore Luxembourg by bike in total serenity. For the occasion, some of the country's most beautiful roads are reserved for cyclists.

In the Éislek region, three routes will be open to cyclists for a total of three weekends. So get on your bike and take advantage of this unique opportunity!

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Vëlosummer 2023
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Dräi Däller-Tour (G) 24/08 - 25/08 - Vëlosummer 2024
Distance: 55,05 km
Duration: 4:20 h
Difficulty: medium
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Uewersauer-Tour (B) 27/07-28/07 - Vëlosummer 2024
Distance: 19,37 km
Duration: 2:25 h
Difficulty: easy
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VëloViaNorden (C1) 03/08-04/08 & 10/08-11/08 - Vëlosummer 2024
Distance: 36,22 km
Duration: 2:55 h
Difficulty: medium
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VëloViaNorden (C2) (Circular route) 10/08-11/08 - Vëlosummer 2024
Distance: 92,70 km
Duration: 7:30 h
Difficulty: difficult
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Post History Tour
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Experience culture in Éislek

Guided tours: experience history and culture up close

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Els from Bourscheid Castle

A woman in a red dress and white apron serves food to a group of visitors in front of a castle.
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Join us on this extraordinary guided tour

Book your ticket now for this exceptional, animated guided tour of Bourscheid on the 18 and 22 of August and the 1 and 5 of September.

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Trail Running in Éislek

Explore Luxembourg's Steepest Region

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A Road Trip in Northern Luxembourg

On the most beautiful roads of Éislek

With its 450 kilometres, the Grand Tour du Luxembourg offers a fantastic opportunity to discover the country and its regions at your own pace. Approximately 180 kilometres of this route traverse Éislek. On such a road trip through Éislek, the journey itself becomes an adventure full of unforgettable moments and exciting discoveries.

5 beautiful hikes in the Our Valley

Cross-border hiking is a unique experience that allows you to explore different landscapes, cultures, and natural wonders. A fascinating example of cross-border hiking can be found in the Our region, where the river serves as a border. One bank is on the Luxembourg side, while the other belongs to Germany.

Walkable yoga-workshops in Éislek

Other activities you might like

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Hiking through Éislek

More than 1,900 kilometres of themed hikes, national and international trails divided into different stages and shorter local hikes await you!

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Éislek offers a wide variety of museums where visitors can learn more about the region’s culture, history and nature.

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A snowy winter landscape along the Schumanseck Memorial Trail with photographs and installations along the way.
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Remembrance Tourism

The Second World War left an indelible mark on Éislek. Deepening your understanding of this painful past by visiting the many monuments, museums and dedicated hiking trails.

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