Escapardenne Lee Trail


Escapardenne Lee Trail

From Ettelbruck to Kautenbach, the "Escapardenne Lee Trail" runs through dense forest landscapes and quiet river valleys, always close to the railway connection. The long-distance trail offers you breathtaking landscapes combined with cultural highlights of the region.

With more than 2000 meters of positive height difference and more than 50 kilometres, this stage hiking trail is made for adventure seeking sporty hikers and nature lovers.

3 stages :

Ettelbruck - Bourscheid-Moulin: 17,8 km
Bourscheid-Moulin - Hoscheid: 19,3 km
Hoscheid - Kautenbach: 14,5 km

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1, Place de la Gare, Ettelbruck
T : +352 26 95 05 66
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Departure : 1, Place de la Gare, Ettelbruck

Arrival : Kautenbach

Distance : 53,929 km

Altitude : 503 m

Time : 17h50

Difficulty :


From the railway station in Ettelbruck, the long-distance trail, divided into three daily stages, follows numerous narrow paths that cross several times the valley of the Sûre. On the way you will pass countless slate ridges (lee), which the trail owes its name to.



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