Musée de l'Ardoise

Slate Museum - Musée de l'Ardoise

Where? Entrée principale, L-8823 Haut-Martelange

Discover the fascinating world underground at the Haut-Martelange Slate Museum! Experience the history and techniques of slate extraction and immerse yourself in the new, fascinating "Johanna" visitor gallery. Experience the everyday life of slate workers at first hand!

Experience an exciting journey back in time to the slate industry of the 20th century. In the slate museum, a museum facility awaits you that gives a complete picture of this more than 200-year-old activity. Discover the path of the slate stone, from its formation and its extraction underground to the finished product and its transport. Explore the working conditions of the slate miners and get a vivid picture of the everyday world.
Entry to the site is free and various animations (ride on the industrial train, Bopebistro, Detektive Schuppi,...) are available.

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Opening hours are subject to change. Please check them before your visit in order to be sure.
Wednesday13.12.2023 : 13:00 - 18:00
Saturday16.12.2023 : 10:00 - 18:00

Opening times as well as scheduled activities can be found on the updated website

Musée de l'Ardoise
Musée de l'Ardoise
Musée de l'ardoise - Martelange 6
Musée de l'Ardoise
Musée de l'ardoise - Martelange 5
Musée de l'ardoise - Martelange 4
Musée de l'ardoise - Martelange 3
Musée de l'ardoise - Martelange 2
Musée de l'ardoise - Martelange
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Address: Musée de l'Ardoise
Entrée principale
L-8823 Haut-Martelange
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Phone:+352 23 64 01 41
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Slate Museum - Mine Johanna (-42m)

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