Patton Square Ettelbrück

Patton Monument Ettelbruck

Where? 102, Avenue J.-F. Kennedy, L-9147 Erpeldange-sur-Sûre

The Patton Monument in Ettelbrück: A place of remembrance

This memorial to General George Patton Jr, commander of the 3rd US Army which liberated Ettelbruck in December 1944, is located at a historical juncture. Here, the American troops succeeded in preventing the invasion of the Wehrmacht into the heartland of Luxembourg during the Battle of the Bulge.
The base of the monument inaugurated in 1954 is engraved with a sword driven into the ground, symbolising the armistice and peace. The emblematic animal of the USA, the bald eagle, is enthroned above it.
Since 1970, a bronze statue of General Patton and a US battle tank complete the memorial.

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Address: Ettelbruck City Tourist Office
5, Rue Abbé Muller
L-9065 Ettelbruck
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Phone:+352 81 20 68
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