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The Bernistap canal

Present since 1827, the canal has never carried a boat, and is now a bucolic and natural place...

The Bernistap canal is located in the eastern Ardennes, north of the village of Buret, a stone's throw from the Grand-Ducal border. With a total length of almost 1.5 km, part of which is underground, the site dates back to the early 19th century, when William I decided to open up the Grand Duchy by linking the Meuse and Moselle rivers via a canal, the construction of which began on the Belgian side but was halted when Luxembourg gained its independence. Today, the site is a very long, narrow stretch of water, fed by a stream and several springs, and surrounded by extensive woodland. The site has a wide range of historical, archaeological and scientific interests. It contains an interesting diversity of habitats and a variety of aquatic flora and fauna.

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Address: Le Parc naturel des deux Ourthes
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© Thibaut Westhof
Boundary marker 263
After following the border line between Luxembourg and Belgium, milestone 263 marks your entry into Belgium. It is one of 287 cast-iron milestones bearing witness to the division of the territories in 1839.
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© Parc naturel des deux Outhes
The Eastern Ourthe
Charming spot at the confluence of the Ourthe and Cowan rivers... take time to listen to the sounds of the water and the forest.
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© Parc naturel des deux Ourthes
Lemaire Mill
In the late 18th and 19th centuries, Houffalize was an important tanning and milling centre. The remains of the Lemaire mill and tannery can still be seen along the Ourthe, in Rue du Moulin Lemaire. The mill dates back to the 18th century, while the Lemaire tannery was founded around 1830 and "made strong leather", which was used to make soles, while another neighbouring tannery "made uppers and corroirs".
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Confluence of the two Ourthes
Remarkable view of the confluence of the Eastern and Western Ourthe rivers.
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© Luc Selleslagh
The two beeches
Under these venerable beeches, a little rest is not a bad idea... there's a bench where you can recharge your batteries for a while!
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Le Hérou
The "Hérou", a splendid and mysterious site, boasts some particularly steep rocks and is home to a number of little nuggets in terms of footpaths.
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© Parc naturel des deux Ourthes
Rensiwez Viewpoint
At this point, the view plunges down towards the valley... giving an idea of the height difference since the mill.
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© Luc selleslagh
Pre-dam footbridge
Allowing passage to the other bank, the reservoir regulates the flow of the Eastern Ourthe just before it joins the Western Ourthe at the confluence.
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© Parc naturel des deux Ourthes
Les Crestelles
Take a moment to relax. The beauty of this superb landscape is enough in itself. However, if you'd like to find out more, there's a landscape interpretation table available for all to use.
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